Time flying by with style.

Updated: Mar 13

PRAGOTRON clocks are identifiable by the triangular reversed pyramid made from 4 small clocks.

PRAGOTRON company has a long history producing timekeeping systems since 1953 out of Czechoslovakia under the name "Jednotny cas" (Unified time). The clocks are now produced by the company Elektrocas (Electro time) and marketed under the brand Elektrocas-Pragotron. In 2013 the company was acquired by ELEKON, owning 40% of the Swiss watchmaking holding Moser-Baer (Mobatime). The clocks are brought back to life to serve you for a long time offering an investment value & unique vintage design extracting the essence of the industrial era.

You now have the opportunity to buy these unique vintage clocks with their own stories to tell. You may be interested in one of the rectangular ones, such as the POLISHED GRAY STEEL version.

You might want to check out the BAKELITE round clock covered with a special convex glass. The body is made from a material similar to plastic with typical brown color.

Pragotron manufactured timekeeping systems for both the public and industrial sectors. Historically, the clocks were mostly used in train stations operated through a central main clock to control the time throughout all the clocks in a building. One could also find the clocks in public schools, factories, and offices.

The clocks were designed not to operate individually. Restored, they operate using quality Quartz mechanisms running on AA batteries. The FLIP CLOCKS are fitted with a custom microchip acting as the central control unit sending electrical impulses causing the time to flip.

Pragotron clocks by Collecthor.

Watching the time flying by with style.