Unique Massive Round Table Made from the De Laval Industrial Cream Separator fro

Unique Massive Round Table Made from the De Laval Industrial Cream Separator fro

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A single one of a kind, this massive table grabs all your attention when you first enter the room.

In the late 1880s, Gustav de Laval would not have thought that the centrifugal milk-cream separator he invented, could somehow later become a plinth of this extraordinary piece of furniture. Or as we love to say, futureniture.

150 cm (5 ft) in diameter, serves well as a dining table, epicentre of a conference room or just the place for turning great ideas into excellent businesses. We know what we are talking about. The idea of Collecthor first appeared sitting right around this table.

The circular shape provides enough space for 6 - 8 people. One centimetre (0,4 in) thick, a hardened glass table is safe enough to carry your bold ideas, also transparent to occasionally check your feet still being on the ground.

Heavy leg of cast iron is marked on several places, refurbished but in tarnished conditions. This just feels like history.
Industrial rarity, the only piece in the world, crème de la crème (pun intended) of tables.

Chairs NOT included.

Materials: iron, glass
Height: 75 cm (2,5 ft)
Diameter: 150 cm (5 ft)

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