Vaulting Box Wooden Leather Bench

Vaulting Box Wooden Leather Bench

Beautiful and original vintage decor vaulting gymnastics box from the 1960s. Perfect condition of this vintage wooden box home design item!

We have collected these from schools where it was used as gymnastics accessory in the 1960s! Tools were precisely hand-made these days with high-quality leather used.

Each vaulting box is a little bit different as it was made by local craftsmen almost in every bigger town. Each of the wooden parts can be separated according to the desired height. Leather is of extraordinary quality and will last up to 80 years. Nowadays can be used as a vintage storage box or just as a home design item.

Height: 21.66 inch
Width: 19.7 inch
Depth: 21.66 inch

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- Wood, Leather materials
- Vintage wooden box look
- High-quality true leather used
- Circa the 1960s

- Perfect condition
- True origin

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